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September 16th, 2016

Protected: Love of my life

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September 16th, 2016

Assessment Grading

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Hello, this is the first time I blogged and I would like to share my experiences and tell you what happened from the first day i entered BINUS University.

The first day I entered BINUS was quite making me a bit of anxious I would say. We wore white top and black bottom. I couldn’t tell how much I hate to wear those, since my outfit was way above my body size, it makes me look even fatter with that outfit on me. I’m a type of a person that usually can’t really adapt in a new surrounding, since I’m new in BINUS University. But I’m pretty sure that I will get used to it and feel a bit more comfortable each day eventually.

I have no friends at all at that time. Luckily, before the Freshmen Enrichment Program(FEP) began, two guys texted me and we become friends. اوراق الكوتشينة Surprised me that they consider me as their friend so I shouldn’t worry for being lonely, I know it’s sad, but the show must go on right?

They’re BINUSIAN 2020 as well as i do. So, by the presence of these two guys, I feel a lot better because I’m not alone. إدين هازارد All I remembered that, the first thing happened in FEP was discussing about General Orientation(GO), we met eight awesome Buddy Coordinators (BC), I don’t really remember what their names are, but I remembered which room and class we were in, it was ASA0603 room and CAS02 class.

In General Orientation(GO), which was held on 8th of August 2016. At that day, we had a briefing, discussing what is up in BINUS University. Also before that, our Buddy Coordinator(BC) asked all of us in the room to introduce ourselves, kinda awkward, but still gotta do it anyway.

On the second day, we discussed about ‘Binusian Journey’, I remembered that we discussed something about the Binusian past.

On the third day, our BC explained about being a success college student, rules that needs to be obeyed. At this time is when I meet a lot more new friends which is awesome.

The fourth day of General Orientation, there are two sessions. First session we gathered in a huge room, there are heck a lot of BCs, wondered what is ‘Bunga Rampai’ means. All of a sudden there are a lot of people coming in and explain each and every single of Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa(UKM), four hours of sitting down and get a backache, but I enjoyed it though. The second session we moved to another room, smaller room. In that room we discussed about ‘BINUS Maya’ on how to get our ID and more. I think that is it on the fourth day, nothing that special but I’ll type it anyway, since it is still a part of my experience.

Fifth day, we had three sessions, I would say this is where things get more interesting. Another discussion about ‘Binus Way’, i guess that was the time that we learn how to use BINUS Maya. We also talked further about University, Exams, and Registration, that’s not it, there’s another session which is interesting for me, called ‘Kerohanian’. I met a lot of new friends, imagine that, how awesome was that. We play, we share and we sing together that time. I would say this is a privacy, but I’ll share it anyway. Guess what, I met a pretty girl there. She’s awesome i can’t describe it, but she wear glasses, she acts quite, didn’t talk much as well, but still pretty for me. Sigh i have a girlfriend though, but that is how men role, flirts are part of hu’MAN’ too right?

Sixth day is the last day of General Orientation, we gathered in ALC seeing other classes yell-yell, I performed too with CAS02, it’s fun and made a smile in our face to see how funny and adorable that was. All classes were practicing since day one. And last but not least, the EXPO has begun. We registered the UKMs that we preferred. General Orientation is a great way to start a day in University. We get to meet new people, and get to know each other.

The blog is not done yet. The next Freshmen Enrichment Program(FEP) is Academic Orientation. We meet four lecturers, which is awesome to meet such an amazing smart people. Motivates me to be like them as well. Academic Orientation(AO) helps us to adapt of facing the real class in University, it also gave us an opportunity to get even more friends than ever, which is nice.

Skill Organization that i earned is that, it helps us to get soft skill and hard skill as well.

On Saturday 10th of September, BINUS University had an event called HTTP, college students asked to gather at 06:00 am in the morning at BINUS University. The HTTP organization supplied a bus for those who joined HTTP and do not drive their own vehicles. In the bus, it was crowded with happiness, and joyful jokes.

We had a lot of fun, and last but not least we took a lot of selfies. On the way to Thamrin at 08:00 am we had to re-registration for attendance. The place is quite far made our back hurts on wanting to stand up, but it is not a big deal, since we had fun on the way in the bus.

Right after done re-registration, we went to see lots of stand from HIMTI, some of the stand was for games which created by HIMTI members.

Right after we arrived, we took another selfies, more selfies. العاب مباشرة على النت للكبار In a huge kind of Auditorium or stage i would say at 08:15 am, we asked to be seated, and watch zootopia while waiting for the event to begin at 09:00 am. The event started at 09:00 am and began amazingly with crowd and joy. There were DJs bring up the vibes on the event, we jumped, dance, and of course had a lot of fun, we had moments that can’t be forgotten.

Rest time, a friend of ours can’t hold his hunger, managed to run for his life to buy the nearest food there is on sight. Do not care what’s about to happen, and just sit and eat on a chair alone, it was funny back then.

Indeed we took another selfie, not an ordinary selfie, but more like prank cam. Taking a picture of our friends who aren’t ready to be snapped and make a funny and awkward looking face. It was the best.

Some of our friends managed to go to McDonalds as well to have a dinner i suppose. It’s getting dark until we managed to hit the road on the way home. The event ended at around 07:30 pm, and arrived at BINUS University at random hour. A friend of mine snapped pictures of a funny friend of mine sleeping, he slept using earphones plugged on his ears and don’t care of what is happening.

I might say HTTP is one of the best event there is, it brings happiness and a feel of a crowd. Raise up a positive vibes, and made us so hyped of wanting to join another HTTP event coming up.

Thanks to Bina Nusantara University for allowing us to have the opportunity of having this amazing event that can’t be forgotten.

– Calvin Erwinsyah.

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